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Sacred Events & Celebrations


In the Sacrament of Holy Baptism (en/countent/baptism-gods-gift-to-us-all), “we are initiated into Christ’s holy church, …incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation and given new birth through water and the Spirit,” the introduction to the Baptismal Covenant says.  “All this is God’s gift, offered to us without price.”


“Baptism is the ordinary means of rebirth and initiation into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

The Bible teaches that God made human beings in the image of God, and all of creation to be good.  Sin caused a “distortion of the image of God is un and the degrading of the whole of creation.”  The United Methodist Church’s official statement of baptism, reports. In baptism, we reject the power of sin and begin our journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Lords Supper

Bride and Groom


Our Sanctuary provides a lovely setting for a wedding ceremony. The sanctuary seats 700 people. Our balcony seats 50 people a view overlooking the entire worship space. We have private rooms that could accommodate the privacy for the bride and her maids, and rooms for the groomsmen. We are handicapped accessible, and we provide security.   

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